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SALSA ROJA & fresh fried corn chips, roasted chillis & tomatoes made into a delicious salsa.  8

EL DIP – retried black beans with melted mozzarella cheese drizzled with jalapeno aioli served with corn chips.  10

GUACAMOLE & FRESH CORN CHIPS, mashed avocado with pico de gallo (garlic, red onion, coriander).  12

MEXICAN FRIED BREAD served with pico de gallo & chipotle aioli.  8

MEXICAN GRILLED CORN – 2 grilled corn drizzled with chipotle aioli sauce & sprinkled with citrus lemon salt.  12


*Your choice of 2 soft flour tacos OR 2 crunchy corn shell tacos.*

PULLED BEEF/SKIRT STEAK – marinated in onion, garlic & capsicum & Mexican spices.  14

CHICKEN – slow cooked chicken, sautéed with onion, garlic & coriander.  14

PULLED PORK – slow cooked pork shoulder sauteed in herbs & spices.  14

FISH – lightly battered pan fried fish topped with chipotle aioli. 14

VEGETARIANO – a mixture of different types of beans, lentils & quinoa cooked with garlic, onion, capsicum, herbs & Mexican chillis.  14

CHORIZO – homemade chorizo mix pan fried with garlic, onion, smoked tomatoes and chipotle chillis.  14

All tacos are served with black beans, topped with salad, sour cream, salsa verde with salsa roja & jalapeno aioli on the side.


PASTEL DE ELOTE – Baked corn pudding layers of pulled beef followed by layers of chicken, caramelized with capsicum, topped with pureed sweet corn & sprinkled with sugar. Served with salad & pico de gallo salsa on the side.  30

FAJITAS – make your own fajita with your choice of pork, beef or chicken. Sautéed with garlic, onion, capsicum & oregano. Served with Mexican rice, black beans, mozzarella cheese, salad, 5 x 6” flour tortillas & Mexican sauces.  34

MUCHOS NACHOS – corn chips with your choice of chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian served with creamed corn, black beans, mozarrella cheese, salad, sour cream drizzled with Mexican sauces.  26

PARA VEGETARIANO – tortilla bowl filled with 3 vege made patties of beans,
chickpeas, lentils, & quinoa. Served with rice, pico de gallo & tomatillo,
salsa verde and salad on the side.  25

CHIMICHANGA – grilled large tortilla filled with your choice of beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian, mozzarella cheese, black beans. Topped with melted mozzarella cheese, drizzled with Mexican sauces & served with rice on the side.  26

ENCHILADA (pork/chicken/beef/vegetarian) – 3 layered corn tortillas
filled with braised shredded chicken, caramelized garlic, onion & capsicum, on a bed of salsa roja topped with mozzarella cheese & jalapeno aioli. Served with Mexican rice & black beans on the side.  27

CHILDRENS COMBO – Burrito or Quesadilla with beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian,
beans, mozzarella cheese & sour cream. Comes with soft drink or juice, corneto ice cream.  17

All Especialidades will be served with El Mexicano Slaw.


2 PIECES – HOMEMADE EMPANADAS, filled mexican and latin american pastries, choice of chorizo rice, beef, chicken, sweet corn, mushroom served with a (side of pico de gallo fresh salsa).  14

MEXICAN HERB SMOTHERED FRIED CHICKEN with tomatillo salsa verde and tortillas.  14

PAELLA – Mexican style rice dish with chicken, chorizo, seafood served with flour tortillas & pico de gallo.  15

BBQ CHICKEN WINGS – smothered in Serrano chilli salsa roja and tortillas.  16

QUESADILLA (beef/pork/chicken) – toasted tortilla filled with mozzarella & caramelized garlic, onion & capsicum. Served with salsa verde,
salsa roja & chipotle aioli on the side.  16

EL BURRITO (beef/chicken/pork/fish/vegetarian) hand wrapped flour tortilla with, black beans Mexican rice, mozzarella cheese, topped with Mexican sauces.  15

JALAPENO POPPERS – deep fried jalapeno peppers served with chipotle aioli.  14

FRIED CALAMARI – served with chipotle aioli small salad and tortilla bread. 14

All Tapas will be served with El Mexicano Slaw.


Salsa Roja  2
Salsa Verde  2
Pico de Gallo  3
Sour Cream  2
Avocado (mashed)  6
Guacamole  8
Mexican Rice (bowl)  3
Black Beans (bowl)  3
Jalapeno Aioli  2
Chipotle Aioli  2
Tortillas x 4 (corn or flour)  4

Zapata Extra Hot Sauce – mixture of roasted & smoked chillies (habanero, Chipotle, jalapeno & poblano).  2

Hot Chips served with jalapeno aioli and for children, served with non-spicy aioli sprinkled with citrus salt.  6

DESSERT – Mexican Churros (5 pcs) famous dessert throughout South America, sprinkled with icing sugar, served with chocolate and caramel sauce on the side.  8

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